Wholesale Electric Surfboard With Easy Operation System (LB-01)

Product Description

Brief Introduction -- Powered Surfboard

If you've ever been surfing one time, you know the routine: Paddle against the waves for 45 minutes, get knocked back by a few waves, choke on seawater, then look back and notice you've only made it about 20 yards from the ocean. We wanted to bring the world's best water sport to the water near you, and along the way, we made the most affordable e-surfboard without compromising performance. Forget about waiting for the perfect weather conditions or the perfect wave. Surf in Kansas in the winter, at your local pond, or in your neighbour’s pool. Surf in Austria, surf in Lesotho, or even surf in Mongolia for all we care. Beat the other surfers out to the big waves, or take this on a still lake. With Aojet Powered Surfboard Surfboard, there are no more limits--just pure fun. It is tiring and frustrating to fail again and again when learning sea wave surfing--that has stopped many people from enjoying one of the world's greatest sports. With Aquawel Powered Surfboard Board, anyone can master the ocean in 5 minutes. It cuts the pain and leaves all the good. No matter who we show this to--from people who can't swim, to people who spend every day chasing waves--everyone simply loves it. In addition to the 30 mph top speed and the generous nearly 1-hour battery, here are a few other features that set us apart from every Powered Surfboard on the market:
  • Swappable battery. With simple swapping the battery, you define how long you would like to play.
  • Light Weight. Easy to carry around.
  • Almost no maintenance required. Save time and hassle in maintaining the board.
After nearly 4 full years of research and development, we are beyond excited to launch this product and get it into the hands of clients. We have designed the best match of motor, control unit, battery management, and water cooling system, which altogether guarantee the best performance available on an Electric Jet Surfboard.

Product Details For LB01


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Specification for Model LB01

Model: Aoxjet LB01 Electric Surfboard 10000W 72V 30A
Motor power 10 KW
Material Carbon Fibre
Max Loading Weight 90 kg
Weight of Motor and Controlling System 6.7kgs
Motor cooling system Immersive water cooling
Surface Coating Can be customized
Charger specifications 72V/5A  or   72V/10A
Battery Material MnNiCo Ternary Lithium, Latest technology, upgrade of Li-ion
Battery Life 1000 charging cycles
Battery quick release time 2 minutes
Battery Replacement Method Fast Removable with 4 screws
Battery (voltage/capacity) 72V/30A
Battery Weight 14 KG
Maximum speed (80kg users) 40 km/h
Working time (80kg rider at maximum speed) About 40 minutes
Average Duration (80kg rider) 45 minutes
Product Total Weight 31 kg
Shell weight 10.3 kg
Product Size 1750mm/600mm/165mm
Carton Size 2000x700x280mm
Gross Weight 49 KG
Waterproof Level IP67
Certification CE/ROHS/FCC/UN38.3
Warranty 1 Year Warranty, Parts and Service available for life

Comparison of Similar Products


AOXJET Powered Surfboard

  Gasoline Surfboard

     Normal   Surfboard


Price Absolute advantage US$8,000 – 20,000 Unpowered surfboard, Under US$1500 US$10,000 - US$50,000
Material Carbon fiber, Sturdy and lightweight Carbon fiber, gasoline and with air intake Portable inflatable board FRP, overweight
Environmental protection Electric power, no pollution, Silent Gas power, air & water pollution No pollution, easy to recycle Gas power, air and water pollution
Scope of use Applicable to any water area and zero learning curve. You can use in the ocean, or inland rivers and lakes etc. Not easy to use, requires relatively good riding skills. Limited to professionals, the use of the venue is very limited. Easy to drive, unlimited use of the venue
Experience No need for professional surfing experience, no need to wait for waves, easy to experience water surfing No need for professional surfing technology, no need to wait for waves, easy to experience water surfing Need professional skill, easy to consume, need to wait for waves at certain areas and suitable weather to experience surfing No need for professional surfing technology, no need to wait for waves, sitting, poor water contact
Life time Exclusive battery technology, longer battery life and more convenient replacement of rechargeable batteries, so you can enjoy the board continuously. The single life time is similar, but it is not easy to refuel. No limit A single battery life is longer and it is not easy to refuel.
Product carrying The weight is 31kgs, which is more convenient to carry (can be carried by car)., The weight is 20-50kgs, portable (can be carried by car) The weight is less than 19kgs, portable, car-mounted The weight is much higher than 50kgs

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