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You are the captain, you are the pilot, you are the Hover fail superstar with the all new electric foil, cruising at mind blowing speed of up to 22 MPH. The  electric foil is easy to use for beginner with friendly recreational. From the mild to the wild, the swimmer to the surfer the Electric Foil awaits. The unreal feeling of gliding over the water Fly on the water with the  E Foil Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard. You are the captain, you are the pilot, you are the electronic surfboard superstar with the all-new electric foil, cruising at mind-blowing speeds of up to 35km/h or 22 mph all controlled with a wireless waterproof hand controller. Eelectric foil , hop on and go! The most affordable and dynamic electric foill on the market for its specifications.

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Specification for Electric Foil

Color White
Max speed 35 km/h(22mph)
Battery life 60minutes
Battery weight 13.9kg
Weight Short board 30kg; Long board: 32kg
Sizes Short board (5’10*28” *4.8” ); Long board (7’6* 30” *4 5/8”)
Max Power 5000w
Charging time 3 hours
Height above water 0-70cm(0-2.3ft)
Material Carbon fiber composition, aluminum alloy

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