Electric Bodyboard For Adult(F2)

Product Description

Brief Introduction-Electic Bodyboard(F2)

Multiple experience modes

Two modes(standard mode, sport mode). The four speeds are adapted to different water area and different user groups.

Intelligent control system

Intelligent detection, automatic protection, automatic standby, automatic shutdown.

Product comes with buoyancy

When there is no electricity, the product does not sink. In case of emergency, it can be used as a rescue floating board. Waterproof level IP68.

ABS material, product weight 8 kg

Good gloss, impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy coating coloring, can be  modified according to DIY.

Permanent magnet brushless high speed propeller 36V/3200W/6500rpm

Aluminum alloy die-casting one-time protective casing water-cooled cooling. Adaptive protection system. The mesh drain cover is safe and does not affect the drainage flow.

Handle and switch

Ergonomically reasonable structurem beautiful design, simple use and convenient operation. Adult, children and whether they can swim and play.

Camera stand vacancy

The product in reversed with a camera stand vacancy, so you can take a photo or video as you like.

High definition Blue-ray LCD

Display battery remaining amountm product running status, low battery prompt, fault function warning.

Quickly disassembled battery compartment

Independently waterproof battery compartment for easy removal and installation, users can replace the battery in one second.

Product Detail For Bodyboard(F2)

LCD Screen

Handle & Switch


Propeller & Battery

Specification for Model F2

Model: AOXJET F2 Electric Bodyboard
Color White
Packing Size 93.5*28*51.5 (cm)
Carrying Weight <100kg
Water Surface Speed Hydrostatic surface 5-15km/h
Surfboard Material ABS
Surfboard Weight 8 kg
Surfboard Size 90*48*27 cm
Propeller Installation Independent suspension
Battery Installation Quick insertion and removal of self-locking structure
Battery Configuration DC 36V/10AH
Adapter DC 42V/2A
Charging Method Contact type
Charging time 2-5H
Working Miles  30-60 minutes
Waterproof Level IP68

Standard Mode: Press the main power switch for 3 seconds, the LCD screen lights up, the system defaults to standard mode.

Sport Mode: Tap the main power switch again and the system will adjust to the sport mode.

Power on and off:  Press the main power switch for 3 seconds, the system will be powered on, and after 5 seconds, the system will shut down, stop using system for 5 minutes. And the system  will automatically shut down for 10 minutes.

F2 Using Guide:

1. The main power switch is press for 3 seconds, the LCD screen lights up, and the device  enters the power-on state. At this time, the floating board defaults to the standard mode. The standard mode has 2 gear positions. Press one of the left and right sides to activate the switch  to enter the first gear. Both switches are simultaneously pressed into second gear, Tap the main power switch again, the system will adjust to the sport mode. There are also 2 gears in the sport mode. Press one of the left and right side to activate the switch to enter the first fear. The two switches imultaneously pressed the second gear.

2. There is 5 grid display on the LCD screen. When the battery is low, the red light on the left side of the LCD will light up. When an emergency fault is encountered, the red fault light will flash an alarm.

3. The main power switch is held down for 5 seconds, the system is shut down, the use is stopped for 5 minutes, the system automatically stands by, and the system automatically shuts down in 10 minutes.

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